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It all started with filming a freeski movie FEW DAYS with alpine racer Ondrej Bank. It was May and spring was in the air but we said no, not yet!  And flew up north to Sweden, where season only starts in April and powder can be found until June.


After having experienced heliskiing all around the world and thanks to a few coincidences back than we started our pureheliskiing project. The base we used for filming proved to be ideal for its location and short flying times to the best terrains around Kebnekaise. Village of Nikkaluokta is also a special place for its atmosphere. It is a starting point for most adventurers and wilderness seekers from all around the world and above all an important Sami village.

Sami have lived here long before any Swedes came. Their lives are strongly connected with nature and pretty much spin around Reindeers, who they look after. Thanks to good relationships with Sarri - local Sami village we are blessed with opportunity to come here every year.

Pure heliskiing is the kind of trip, that is focused on great skiing above all. No fancy 5 star hotels and opulent dining. Everything is decent but set up so that the price can remain reasonable. Powder skiing is our passion, putting our ski tracks in it our main goal.

Another thing we value the most is a satisfied client. We have got covered great riding when it is there, but sometimes weather simply won't let us fly. Thats exactly when we are very strong too. We dedicated fair amount of time to prepare a downday program to fit anyone. And the result? Snowmobile, ice climbing, ice fishing, ski touring, ice hotel Jukasjarvi. There is no way you will get bored waiting for the weather, we will make sure of it!

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