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We are professionals with many years of experience with guiding clients and a lot more with riding powder ourselves. We don't wear tight clothes and we dont make short turns. We surf powder and search for the best lines - for You.



Former professional freerider featured in international teams of Millet, Nike-ACG or Movement skis, long time freeride promoter, organizer of Freeride camps around the world



From childhood he was a member of a mountain climbing group, where he became an enthusiastic whistler. Throughout his youth he competed in tennis and orienteering. After that, he was fascinated by paragliding and after participating in several competitions, he started flying over large mountains. As one of the few people, he repeatedly completed paragliding expeditions to the Pamirs and Tian Shan. SINCE 2013, he started undertaking ski alpine expeditions to high mountains with Karel Svoboda - 8 months on the Silk Road, several times the Himalayas, the Hindu Kush, the Tian Shan, the Pamirs. His friend and fellow ski alpinist Karel Svoboda says of him that he is an enthusiast, even though at first he thought he was more of a lunatic. He runs a lot of sports that he gets into, and they work for him. The mountains also became his profession, as he completed the UIAGM international mountain guide course.



Lukin was born and lives in Brno. He took his first steps along the mountain ridges as the youngest member of his numerous and musically gifted family. Gradually, he and his family undertook more and more demanding trips to the Beskydy, Roháče, Tatras, Dolomites and Alps. He also visited the Caucasus Mountains with his mother, where at the age of 13 he climbed its highest peak - Elbrus (5642 m). After that, he began to devote himself intensively to sport climbing and later to mountain climbing. During his studies at the secondary engineering school, he worked as a climbing instructor at HO Lokomotiva Brno. In parallel with the study of materials engineering at the BUT in Brno, he completed the UIAGM education and in 2012 became a mountain guide with the highest international certification. He has been in the team since the same year. What he likes about skiing is that thanks to it you can get to places that you can only dream about in the summer. In addition, it is often the safest way to move in the mountains in unsecured terrain - and most importantly, it is quite fun going down the hill. He enjoys riding with campers when they are enjoying the ride and laughing - that's when he feels like a job well done.



Bilo was born in Třinec and spent his entire youth in the small village of Ropice. In the good winters, he spent his free time in the nearby village of Řeka, which offered a great ski area with a large possibility of freeskiing in the Beskydy Mountains. When the first twin-tip skis and the name of the relatively new sport "freeskiing"; reached Bilo, he was clear about what he would do next. With passion for this hobby, he went around several freeriding and freestyle races, during which he visited many beautiful places and mountains such as the Tatras, the Alps, and the Caucasus. He made several ski videos with his friends, in which there was no shortage of freeride and a bunch of good people. Now he decided to continue his hobby and pass on his experience. Thanks to the cooperation with the team, since 2017 he spends the winter season on skis; in the mountains, surrounded by a great group of people. In the summer, he mainly spends his free time biking, slacklining and other sports activities. He lives in Třinec with his girlfriend Káča.

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